Jackie and Helen Robinson, owners of Tower Place Shoe Shine and Repair, are God-fearing individuals who has proven that if you put God first nothing is impossible. Jackie Robinson was born the son of a sharecropper in small town Parkin, AR. Jackie later located to Little Rock, AR where he attended and graduated from the historic Central High School. Robinson served in the armed forces and learned the art of shoe shine while serving.

After being downsized on a job that he had worked for 24 yrs. Robinson and his family relocated to Atlanta, GA. Robinson was blessed to find a way to shine in the mist of darkness. He began his service as a mobile shine where he would visit office buildings and knock on doors of potential clients and hope that someone would invite him in to shine their shoes. As more and more customers demanded his service, he began praying more and more asking God for direction.
It was then that he was approached by Don Guffey, owner of Guffey’s Fine Men’s Clothing; an upscale men’s clothing store located in the Tower Place Building in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. Guffey asked Robinson how he felt about operating a shine stand inside a building. After much prayer, Robinson accepted the offer and began operating the shine stand in the Tower Place Building. After six months the business was birthed and the name Tower Place Shoe Shine was then adopted for the business. It was at that time that Robinson’s wife, Helen joined him and the rest is history.

Tower Place Shoe Care has been in business since 2000 and is family owned and operated. The stands are located in 3 upscale buildings in the Buckhead Community and the Manuel Maloof Bldg. in Decatur. Pickup and delivery are also offered as part of the service in two other buildings. Customers are not limited to sitting in the chair, but they are encouraged to drop off as well. Tower Place also offers full service shoe repair as well as repair of purses, luggage, briefcase, etc.

“The business is not just confined to buildings; but has been blessed to do many tradeshows, conventions and private parties in the Atlanta area as well as across the nation”.

All of our technicians are trained to take care of all types of leather as well as exotic skins and golf shoes.

The customers of Tower Place Shoe Shine and Repair are very important to us; therefore we take pride in customer satisfaction. Our customers judge our business by how we treat them. Therefore, we instill in each one of our shine technicians that our customers are our highest priorities and nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, prompt and helpful to every person who visits the stand whether they take the chair or drops their shoes off.

Robinson is determined that the “Art of shoe shine will not become a lost Art”. Tower Place takes pride in giving “Quality Service with a Smile, as we make you Shine to Impress!” We want our customers to know that they are always going to receive top quality service from each of our technicians no matter what building the service is rendered!
The Robinsons treat the business very much like their own lives; with tender love and care. “It is a JOY to know that our customers are satisfied after they have trusted us with their possessions.”

Shoe Shine & Repair
Nubuck Shampoo
Leather Repair
Zipper Replacements
Purse, Luggage and Briefcase cleaning and Repair

It takes a special person as well as special skills to be a shoe shiner. Let us train you with our techniques that have made us out shine the average shoe shine person. Male and female techs are encouraged to become a part of our establishment.